sabrina stahl
basic information full name: Sabrina Lauren Stahl
dob & age: August 20, 1997 & 15
hometown: New York City, New York
school: Walter Academy
year: Sophomore

ooc info
out-of-character played-by: Lucy Hale
journal & aim: ~stahl & prima ballerbrina
player contact: OOC contact post.
writing style: Third person, past tense, EST. Threads or AIM for scenes, but I don't mind just discussing either. Customs are great!

the queen of hearts
off with her head! The most formidable drama queen Walter Academy's seen for ages, THE QUEEN OF HEARTS is really not as scary as she might seem, once she's calmed down. Of course, this hardly ever happens; she has a horrible temper that flares up immediately and takes a long time to burn out, and finds something to get upset about in every tiny thing, turning them all into the biggest deal, the biggest tragedy, the biggest everything. Her day isn't complete unless she's gotten a sizable crowd to listen to rants and complaints about how everything in her life is horrible, despite the fact that she actually has it pretty good. She's very much an easy target for mocking, but seems to have more people willing to humor her and-- even more surprisingly-- actually befriend her. She enjoys expressing affection with mild physical and verbal abuse, though lately, she's been falling uncharacteristically silent and still whenever THE ALADDIN is around.

facts, etc. ✗ facts coming soon!